Sue and Chocolate

IMG_2723IMG_2722 I am a little late getting this written today because we had the first part of the Sunbonnet Sue workshop.   I think I am going to rename the workshop,  “OMG She’s so Cute!”  because that is what we kept saying over and over.   – And we haven’t even gotten to embellishment yet.    If you missed out I will probably run her again in the spring.     That is Janet J. with one of hers using vintage fabrics,  and the other photo shows a rainbow set of Sue made by Sue F.    We used fusible and will be embroidering and adding the setting in our next session.     We had so much fun playing with Sue this morning.


One 12 inch block of Chocolate Kisses

So do you like chocolate?   Red Hook will be having the annual Chocolate Festival on November 2.    In honor of this fattening event,  we will be running a workshop to show you how to make the Chocolate Kisses Block.   Because of the festival this one will include a copy of our printed pattern and precut materials for a 12 inch block.     The idea is to give you a taste of the technique so that you can use it to make all sorts of wonderful things using your own fabrics at home.    By itself the piece makes a nice candle mat, potholder or small wall quilt or pillow,  but  once you know how easy this technique is you will be wanting to make lots more.      Please let us know you are attending so that we have enough fabrics ready.    Our session will be Friday, November 1,  11 am, $30.00, just bring your machine with chocolate colored thread,  and you might want a pencil to take notes.    How nice is that short supply list?    Hope to see a bunch of you for this one.



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