Still Healing

Yes I know it’s Friday so it’s time for a new post.    I am still home healing.  It gets a little better each day and now that I can get up the stairs to my own bed and I am actually getting some sleep I hope that the process will accelerate.     I deeply appreciate your patience and understanding as I get better bit by bit.   I am keeping a running list of all the lessons, workshops and club meetings that will be rescheduled as soon as I am up to it.

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This event has made it so clear to me how critical it is that I am able to communicate with you all through this blog and website,   and of course Facebook.    Please encourage your friends who may not yet be connected to the Shoppe in one of these ways to join this conversation.     I work hard to post interesting and relevant content,  and I only advertise my own events and merchandise ( and even then minimally) ,  I promise that I will never give out your contact info.     If you are seeing this through Facebook,  please visit our website homepage where the blog is posted each Friday and subscribe by entering your email in the space in the right column.     You will get a simple email notification when there has been an update, usually once a week early in the day of Friday.    Many of my customers are not super local so knowing what is going on makes life better for you and me.

Keep stitching so there is plenty of Show and Tell when I get back!!!



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