The post I was going to write for you today can wait till next week,    I need to share a wonderful thing that has been unfolding here at the shoppe.     To tell you I will start over a year ago when a woman came in to take a hand piecing workshop with me.   She did a great job and went on with life.    Hadn’t seen her in quite a while when she came in with two others one younger, one older.    Together they were three generations of women who wanted to work together to make a wallhanging quilt for and about their farm.    So we got started talking about designs right then and there and before they left we had settled on a next meeting date and chosen a basic design and some fabrics.    They have come back several more times and were here this morning to learn some basic embroidery so that the picture blocks can get colored and stitched.     It is a truly amazing project.


inspiration for coloring and stitching

I am so enjoying watching them make choices at each step, from fabrics printed with particular animals, plants, and objects of significance to fussy cut,  to choosing photographs to trace for embroidery and coloring,  there is meaning in every single bit of this for them.    Even the tree next to the barn that was the setting for a wedding.   It is reminding me of why I love this industry.   There are few things that put so much significance into tangible form across generations quite like a quilt.     I promise that when it is finished I will share some photos of our family of quilters and their project.  I am just feeling all warm and fuzzy about it and needed to tell you all.   I hope it inspires you to share your projects,  the process, and possibly work together across generations at least once.    In this digital world, we could all benefit from this kind of sharing. Alaska

Tomorrow we have our Block of the Month meeting,  we will be doing the last of the blocks.    If you have fallen behind due to summer and/or just life in general I want to encourage you to come to Work in Progress Wednesday to try to catch up.   In September we will have our final meeting and discuss assembly,  optional border choices,  and quilting.

Next Saturday August 10 is Chair Yoga for stitchers,  at one o’clock.    Please do call and let me know if you are planning to attend.   Last month it was dangerously hot and many decided to stay home, so if you are planning on attending please confirm.    Having a seat count ahead of time means I know if I need to take down tables or not.

Have a great day


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