Challenging but Fun

I have been watching the daily  videos from the Dairy Barn, featuring the artists in Quilt National this year,   and after the first few I was struck with how many times two words showed up.    The words were  Fun,  and Challenge.    After some thought I realized that most creative people approach a challenge with a sense that it will be fun.    But a challenge can be — well,  challenging.   The is to find a challenge that is just a bit outside of your normal.   Baby steps.      The artists that make it in to Quilt National generally are good at setting their own challenge parameters.    You hear them say,  I wanted to challenge myself by …     and then they say something technical,  but more likely something with color,  design,  or conveying a message.     This is actually what makes a challenge fun.   New things,  new fabrics,  new designs,  not always a challenging technique.

You too can think like an artist in this way.   Take a technique or pattern you are good at and try something new with it.    For example,   the log cabin block.   Most quilters have made it at one time or another.   What happens when you use logs that have different widths?    Or what if you do it the same way you usually do,  but only use leftovers from other projects?   or what if you try the courthouse steps variation?   We have pre printed muslin foundations for that if you are interested.   What if you use it as an alternate block for something else?    Or what if you try the Pineapple variation?   We have a class on demand for the pineapple block,  it’s one of my favorites.


Part way between log cabin and pineapple – and improvisational


Don’t like log cabins??  Prefer embroidery for the summer?   Then take a stitch you know well and a piece of fabric,  and see how many ways you can vary the stitch.    Longer, shorter,  wide,   different threads,   different scale,  even something as simple as a running stitch has hundreds of ways to vary it.   I could do a whole course on embroidery with running stitch and nothing else.     It is the basis for sashiko,  Kantha, Boro,  Blackwork,  and traditional hand piecing and quilting to name a few.


Crazy Quilters are great at stitch variations

Lastly I want to remind you that the Five Fab Fats workshop special is still going on.   If you register to have class scheduled now through labor day you can take $10.00 off the regular fee.    With more and more places going plastic bag free,   don’t you need a tote that you can make in multiples and wash when needed anIMG_0920d keep in your car?   This one is very easy to customize too.    The one you see here was a gift to a dog lover.   Pockets went inside shaped for dog treats,  an umbrella,  and poop bags.   Now she and her pup can go places together more easily because she has everything she needs for Colby ready to go.

Call 845 758 8541 to register.

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