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Dutchess and Ulster counties are separated by the Husdon River.   Kingston is in Ulster, but may residents of Dutchess, particularly from Red Hook and Rhinebeck cross the river and shop in Kingston.    Just this Monday Ulster County began a new set of regulations that ban single use plastic bags,  and if you want a paper one you need to pay for it.   This is probably a great step for the environment,  but at least for a while there will be lots of people forgetting their bags and buying paper ones.    To help with this situation,  I would like to suggest that you take our Five Fab Fats tote bag workshop.   This is a large, easy to make, endlessly customizable tote bag that works great as a market bag.   I know that if you are reading this you have a few extra fat quarters lying around,  and if not we have a variety available for you to choose from.

I love this project so much that I have decided to offer a discount on the registration fee if you schedule your class to run any time between now and Labor Day.    Class is usually $40.00 per person,  but for the duration of this special it is only $30.00    That savings can almost buy you enough fabric for an extra tote!!   Make one for yourself and one for a friend,  or even better, take the workshop with a friend for even more fun!!   There isn’t a person out there who couldn’t use a nice tote bag,  and the more you have the more likely it is that you have one or more in the car when you need them.     Call to schedule (845) 758-8541  IMG_2581

We also have a relaxation process that everyone could use,  Chair Yoga!!  Jake doesn’t quite have it down pat yet, but he IS in a chair.  For us people, our first session was wonderful and we are now doing it monthly.    Tomorrow is the day,  one in the afternoon,  in our air conditioning!!   Please join us,  your muscles and joints will thank you,  and I promise that you will feel good for the whole rest of the day, and maybe the week.    I might even bring my guitar for a little live music post exercise.    

Stay cool and keep stitching!!

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