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I have been thinking about the internet lately.    It can be an endlessly numbing series of political rants and cute animal videos,  or it can be a wonderful source of real information on any subject you want to know about.    I have found hundreds of wonderful pieces of sheet music for free or low cost.    I have found the DIY for the tropical vivarium I am setting up to house some rainforest frogs,   and I have found several excellent quilt related sites that I want to be sure you all know about.      The first is the home of Quilt National,  for the last 40 years the best of the best in the art side of quilting.   Their website is     They also post regularly to their Facebook page,  including recently several artist interviews with exhibitors in this years Quilt National.      Time well spent to view.

Another site that I highly recommend for your viewing pleasure,  and one of the best resources for the history of quiltmaking is the International Quilt Museum.   They are the public face of the largest quilt collection in the States.   For the last week or so they have been sharing photos and a couple of videos of crazy quilts, and their predecessors.    They also maintain an index that is searchable by category of the collection,  for browsing and scholarly research.     or International Quilt Museum/Facebook.     While I am thinking of Crazy Quilts,  the meeting is this Tuesday, the new time for our club. Rocky Road

My thinking when it comes to using the internet for information is that going to primary sources is key.   And when You tube confuses you come see me.   I can help you sort out all the useless stuff and get that project going.    I am also happy to share that Chair Yoga for stitchers (and anyone stiff from too much web surfing ) will meet again on Saturday at one.   Please let me know you are attending.   Bring your friends too,   nothing beats in person contact.

Oh and my daughter did use the internet for her first blueberry pie.   It was delicious. IMG_2497

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