With the day off yesterday I nearly forgot to post his morning.    Hope everyone is keeping cool.    So lately I have been thinking about independence,  and what it means in different contexts.   For some it may mean not being in a relationship,  for some it means no longer living with Mom and Dad,  for some it is political,  and for me it means being my own boss.     Many of us in a creative field feel this way,  and it is more important than ever than we independently owned businesses help each other out,  and that you the consumer helps by supporting us.    Yes I love when you come in and shop,  but take a class,  tell your friend (in person or on social media) that you like us,   and let us know when you like what we are doing.       It means a great deal and can actually make the difference between prospering and failing for some.

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With this in mind I am updating my lists of related services available locally.     If you provide a quilt and sewing related service as your business and would like to be included in my references please contact me and share business cards, website and phone numbers, plus anything else that would help me direct the right customer to the right service provider.    Seamstress,  Home decorating specialist, longarm services,  mending clothing,   and even if you are willing to make or help with T shirt Quilts.        These are all things I get asked about regularly.    I want to develop a good sized list of independent workers so that we all can support each other and thrive.      Even if you think I already have your info,  now is a good time to update and be sure that what I have is current.   If I get a good list together I may even post it on this website.    sewingworks150

Next week is a busy one,   Tuesday is a Club day,  with handstitchers and stumpwork.    Then Work in Progress Wednesday is called off for this week because it is Art Camp week,  Wednesday begins the Art Doll Class,  and it will run the rest of the week.   There is plenty of room yet,  and Wednesday will begin with the making of the dolls head,   It informs so much of the rest of the character that it is the best starting point.    Bring your colored pencils or other media and lets have some fun !!    Details are on the Summer showcase page.   It’s not too late to sign up.

Oh and yes the Block of the month meets tomorrow morning.     See you then!!

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