cutting corners

At Work in Progress Wednesday we were talking about the first time a quilter goes to a retreat.   One of the most helpful things that happens is that all of sudden they see that everyone makes mistakes.   The un-sewing process is simply part of the deal.    The stunning prize winning quilt that makes you gasp is the result of many instances of  mistakes made, fixed and learned from.    And yes we all know that intellectually, but actually hearing that amazing quilter cursing under her breath as she takes out stitches has much more impact.     Mistakes are only a problem if you let them be.

Now having said all that and admitting that I make plenty of mistakes the conversation moved on.    That is until I made a mistake.   You see, I had been working on the very last block sample for the Alaska BOM.   I was excited to be finishing it and it was going well.   I had chain pieced four units and instead of taking the few minutes it would have taken to find my seam ripper to separate them,  I simply grabbed the shears that were at hand.   I cut them apart and as I was moving to the ironing board I noticed this little piece of fabric on the table.   As it registered what fabric it was my heart sank.   Didn’t take long for me to be muttering under my breath as I had to  find that seam ripIMG_2465per after all and take out a couple seams to replace the damaged bit.   Happily I didn’t have to go too far back,  and yes I had an extra piece that I had cut so that was good.   Of course the cut happened on a piece that had all the points just where they should be too.     

So the moral of this story is:

Don’t cut corners

or you will cut youRxR2019ChocolateHugsandKissesPhoto corners!!!


The Row by Row program starts today.

You have to come in and simply ask and I will give you a copy of the pattern for Chocolate Kisses and Hugs.   It is easy and fun and even if you are not doing the Row by Row, it is a fun to sew project.     Of course you can always purchase the kit,  It is precut for you and sells for $20.00 for the 18 inch project.   It would make a nice little wall hanging,   tote bag, or table topper.     And since it is chocolate themed, we have a lovely Valentine’s fabric that is available and fun for the back.

Also,  tomorrow is chair yoga, at one pm.   We are hoping this rain lets up so we can take in some fresh air while we work out all the muscular kink from doing our projects.     We love our art, but it is all too easy to sit for too long and then be stiff from it.   Susan and I are so happy to be able to bring you this event so you have some remedies at hand.   It is relaxing, gentle and does not take any athletic ability.     For attending our first ever (but hopefully not the last) chair yoga event I have a pattern for a yoga mat carrier bag that I will give to everyone who joins us.

Lastly,  there has been a change in our Crazy Quilt Club Schedule.    The group is tired of working around holidays and other weekend events.   The meetings will now be on the third TUESDAY of each month.    Meetings will run from 1-4 and still be $18.00    If you will be attending the next meeting on July 16 and are new let us know you are coming.

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.    Happy Summer!!

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