Inspirations and gratitude

So I know you all want to know about the workshop I attended yesterday.    It was wonderful.   Paula Nadlestern,  ( in the black )   was so informative and entertaining that most of us didn’t even mind doing some drafting,   she informed us afterwards that we  had just done trigonometry.    If it had been this great to look at in High School,  or if I even knew it could apply to something I want to do I guess I would have paid more attention.      At any rate, after the drafting and trig got us to our 60/30 triangle templates it was time for lunch and then to play with our fabrics.  IMG_2365

As you saw in the purple quilt I posted last week,  I have loved this work for a long time.    I brought that quilt with me to show Paula, and she graciously signed her name on the label for me.   I was so happy to be able to thank her in person.   Her work has had a big influence on how I use fabrics and perhaps it was this feeling that contributed to me being quite timid about making the final choices before cutting into my fabrics.       Those of you who know me will recognize just how unusual that is.    I did however finally make some decisions and cut pieces.  I got them put together just in time to finish my block at the workshop.

I am not posting it until I make a few more but I do have some other inspirations to share that Paula had with her.

We did a block called 60/30,  a Kaleidoscope variation where you have two different wedge sizes.  The green/purple below is an amazing example using just two fabrics and a field of blocks cut all the same way.   These are about 4 inch bloIMG_2359cks.   In the bottom picture you can see how they fit into the design of the quilt as a whole.    This super dense piecing was just amazing and one after the other we got close to it and had to feel the seam intersections to confirm that it wasn’t just printed that way,   she does design fabric after all.  

You can also see that she uses very simple straight line quilting, just vertical in this case, less than a quarter inch apart, but not measured and perfect.  Combined with very thin batting it gave a nice overall texture without competing with IMG_2360the dense pattern work.

I got so engrossed I totally forgot to check my phone for messages from my husband and daughter.   She has finished her first year of college and yesterday was the day to undo the dorm room, get it all in the huge suburban that got rented for the purpose,  and get it all home for the summer.   Her school is about 5 hours from home so it was a big day,  but everyone is now home and getting settled again.

As for me,  I will be processing all the inspirations from yesterday for a while.    I have a few projects that have to be done before I work on yesterdays project,  but my brain and notebooks are full of new ideas.

Before I close this post,  I need to remind you that Crazy Quilt Club is tomorrow,  but then the shoppe will be closed the following two Saturdays,  May 25th and June 1 for some family events that I cannot miss.   This makes our next BOM meeting on June 8.   And we are excited to let you know that our Chair Yoga for Stitchers will be on Saturday June 22nd, at 1 pm.   $10.00 per person.   Please let me know you are coming so I have the chairs set up for you.    If the turnout is good we may have this a regular part of our offerings.    Happy Stitching!!


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  1. Maureen Gottschalk says:

    I cannot even comprehend how this is done. I need to come back and see you and get started on my Civil War Quilting again. I’m happy I read your email saying you’re closed the next two weekends on Saturday. I’m coming down to Rhinebeck for a three day weekend at Linwood and was planning to stop. What would be your preferred time for me to come for an hour so every week. I’m not an early riser and I work some nights and get home about 9 AM. Thanks Maureen

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  2. Maureen Gottschalk says:

    Will you be in Friday morning. I check into Linwood at 1 o’clock on Friday I believe, maybe I could come in 1130 to 1230 if my get my act together and all my packing done. Is that a good time for you? Thanks

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