Pencil it in

Most productivity experts agree that keeping and using a calendar of some sort can help productivity in your work life.   I agree, I would be lost without my trusty date book, and yes I use a paper one every year.    But did you know that most self help guru types also suggest scheduling in the time for self care regularly.    For most of you reading this, that includes putting your quilting and stitching time on the calendar.   Whether it is an artists date like Julia Cameron suggests once a month,  or a weekly visit to our Work in Progress Wednesday,  or for the lucky ones daily time in your creative space at home,  getting it scheduled can translate to lots of great work done,  and more time to make all the projects on your list.   ( I’ll talk about the someday list in another post )  I can say all this because I have experienced it,  and I have seen it work for customers too.    The photos below are all projects from one person,  who has been coming to WIP Wednesdays and sewing at home almost daily.    These are the projects she has finished this year.    Given, one was a UFO from another store’s BOM program ten years ago but still.    These are big quilts, and a huge amount of work done,   and we are only in the first quarter of the year.    Way to Go!!!!!


Thousand pyramids


Facts and Fabrications


Detail of binding and quilting 

So I think it is a good idea to keep your calendars handy.    May is full of all sorts of events that need to be penciled in.     Tomorrow is the BOM meeting, but next Saturday we will be closing at 2 so I can go to my husbands Art Opening.  The 14th is Handstichers Club, new info is on the club page regarding the next project.   We will be closed on Thursday the 16th so I can attend a workshop with Paula Nadlestern.   Crazy Quilt Club is on the 18th,   and on the 25th we will be closed  again so I can attend my nieces wedding.    How’s that for a list of things that need to be penciled in?


Patriots in Petticoats 

One last item to get on the schedule,  the exhibition of the Gilson Quilt I have been working on opens on Friday May 24th at 11:30 am in the Historic Red Hook Annex on Cherry Street.       See  you soon!!!!


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