What’s behind it all?

I know this could be a profound question,  but I am thinking a little more straightforwardly than that this morning.     The trees across the street are blooming and I am thankful for the stunning view as I work diligently on the many projects I have going.    What a great blue sky day.   Warm, even the air smelled like spring.  IMG_2311

SO  then on Wednesday at the Guild meeting the speaker had a lovely trunk show, and in several instances showed the same quilt pattern made in two different colorways,  and in a few cases, two different sizes too.      The next day,  my view changed with the weather and I realized that it was a perfect real life way to show you how much difference the change of a background can make.   SO here is the overcast photograph.IMG_2313











The only real difference is that the sky is white.   So next time you have a plain white background by default,  take a moment to consider choosing a more dynamic background.

I want to also update you on the quilt I talked about last week,   I consulted Bill Volkening, quilt collector and historian,  and he had a full album of quilts like it,  from Badalang,  China,near Beijing,  made in the last 20 years or so for the tourist trade.     That does explain the pandas.

I am excited for the summer showcase,  all about dolls.   We will be including real dolls, their things,  and even Sunbonnet Sue!!  How many of us learned to sew by making things for our dolls?   We are never too old to enjoy them.  Watch over the next few weeks as the details get finalized.

Tomorrow is Crazy Quilt Club,  and of course Sunday is Easter,  I wish the very best to you and yours.    May your spring be full of blue skies!!!

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