UFO sightings?

Twice this week I had discussions with customers regarding the best way to keep making progress on their projects.    My first suggestion is come to Work in Progress Wednesday and I can help keep you on track and motivated.     The second suggestion is to keep your UFO where you can see it.   If you have a dedicated sewing space leave it set up so you can just go there and grab a few minutes each day to do some little bit on it.    If you don’t have that space,  leave the bag, box or basket that holds it in a place where you have to walk around it once in a while.     The idea is that out of sight is out of mind.    I think that this idea is why creative types are frequently a bit messy and look disorganized.    When there are many projects going and all of them are purposefully left out where they can be seen,  staying neat and tidy gets to be challenging.    That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

AlaskaMy most current UFO project is the sample for Alaska,  the BOM that begins tomorrow.   I had hoped to have the entire top finished but that is just not going to happen.   I am a little more than half way there and it is going very nicely.      I will be updating the Alaska page here with in process photos for the April blocks later today.     If you are doing this one please make use of them as a resource.


This coming Tuesday is Hand stitchers Club.    We will hopefully finish the Blackwork bookmark and choose our next project.    We will be choosing between two nice projects that will make for a pleasant spring and summer stitching experience.     I would like to remind you all that the club is open to everyone regardless of experience,  and that you do not have to be doing the same project as the group.      The stumpwork club will continue on Henry our little teddy bear.

See you all soon.

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