Love is in the air

I promised to tell you more about the next Block of the Month Program but first I thought I should address Love.   Valentine’s Day is next week.   My husband and I have been a couple for 30 years,  and Valentine’s Day has always been important to us.  Our second Date, where he met my family for the first time ( and brought chocolate and roses ) was on Valentine’s.   As we dated we always made each other cards.  Over the years it got a IMG_2191little out of hand,  but once we were parents the handmade cards had a different character.      I received the one pictured here yesterday from my nephews.      I think every Mom, Aunt and Grandma has one or more like this tucked away somewhere,   But this game is not just for kids.    To help you out all next week,   our heart and Key shaped buttons are buy 2 get one free,  and all other buttons, ribbons and lace by the yard are 15% off.

And Now off to Alaska.   No really,  our next Block of the Month is called Alaska.   It is from Laundry Basket Quilts and Edyta Sitar.   The blue and cream Batiks are by Andover.     The six month program is scheduled to begin in March and will be done before the Holidays.   How nice is that?    The focus in this one is on connecting designs from one block to the next and creating secondary pattern.    The straight line piecing creates the illusion of curves, and the results will impress even the grumpiest critic.    I am taking registrations now.   I so can’t wait to get started on this one.   Alaska

We will run it in our usual manner,  meeting on the first Saturday of the month,  where you will get your paperwork, fabrics and any other instruction needed.  Then you can stay and stitch or go and get on with your day.     If you miss a meeting just let me know and you can come in later and pick up your materials.     My job as the teacher/mentor is to get you working on and finishing projects that you love.     If you need some other type of customization of the program please ask and we will do our best to work it out.    I love sharing exciting projects with you, so please join us for this one.   All you have to do now is tell me you want in and give me your contact info.    Easy.    All the nitty-gritty stuff is on a handout you can pick up in store,  or I will be making the Alaska BOM page public by the end of today.

Be Happy and spend some time with someone or something you love this week.



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