Mountain Star MedallionThis has been a frigid and snowy week.   Our workshop,  Mountain Star Medallion will now start on Tuesday February 5.  Hopefully it will be a bit warmer.   If you want to join us bring your neutral colored scraps,  small rotary setup and a chunk of template material, as well as your machine sewing setup.    We will make the string blocks on Tuesday and set them the following session, dates TBA.    If you have not done string piecing before,  you should try it.     It can completely change your outlook on scraps.    I have seen people get completely obsessed, and nearly use up the scrap piles in their sewing rooms.


This was early morning Wednesday,  from my kitchen window.    It is one of my favorite photos I have taken recently.   It caught the early morning light that comes streaming over the top of my house and hits the edge of the woods in the back.   I love that fleeting time of day all year,  but the change in light is particularly obvious when there is a fresh snowfall.   The sense that something good is coming just flows down the edge of the woods as the sun gets higher.   It usually happens as I have that first cup of coffee so the caffeine could have something to do with it.     I was just a little too slow to get the deer in the shot,  but you can see the tracks in the middle ground.   There is a sense of hope and anticipation of a warm happy day to come.   I may make a quilt from this one,  but not till the summer.     This time of year I need brighter and bolder fabrics to play with.

Which is why I am having such a hard time waiting.    My fabric sales rep from Benartex and Northcott was here Wednesday and I am super excited for the new fabrics to start arriving.     I know I have chosen things that you will love because as I sat at dinner I couldn’t stop thinking of all the exciting projects we can make with them.    As I mentioned last week,  the excitement of a new project is hard to resist.    SO lets all use the sense of anticipation ( and some snow day time ) to finish a current project or two so there is room for the new ones to come.

Next week I’ll tell you all about the next block of the month.    I am super excited for that too.    —   Ok now everybody sing,—-    An-ti-ci-pa-a-a-tion,  it’s makin’ me wait.




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  1. Renee Pasquale says:

    Super cute post! Yes, anticipation —whether singing it, saying it, or feeling it—is always an exciting time! Especially when we are planning new projects with yummy new fabrics!
    Have to stop by the shop when the temps warm up! As always hugs and blessings to you for a happy and creative life!❤️✂️🧵

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