Finish Line

This week I helped a very new quilter finish her first quilt.   A baby quilt for a grand-daughter,  made from Mom’s T-shirts.   Our new quilter faced several challenges along the way and found some steps particularly tricky.    However vocal she was about how she thought it was difficult and had she known she might not have started the project,  she finished it.     When the quilting was done and I picked it up off the table to look at it she expressed happy surprise that it did not fall apart.   ( I knew it was sound but she was full of doubts ) I helped her trim the excess batting and backing and we turned the back to the front and sewed it down.   She nearly jumped for joy.    She has asked me not to post photos yet so I can’t show it to you,   but I will guess that you know the sense of


Four Square,  a great first quilt

triumph that comes going when a job is hard.   Once you have felt it,   the anticipation of it can carry us through.    It is especially important for as beginner to get that at the conclusion of their first project.


It has been my experience that if the first project isn’t finished that there will be no more projects.   So why do we as quilters end up with so many WIPs,  UFOs,  and TOADs??   ( Works in Progress,   UnFinished Objects,   Trashed Objects Abandoned in Disgust )   We have gotten very creative in giving them names,  which tells us just how common they are.   Why?   Because we have forgotten the joy at the finish line.    We are seduced by the new fabrics, the new patterns,  the coolest new class, tool, or video,  and the possibility of a spectacular finish like we see in the ads.    That excitement is easy.   The finish can be hard,  it requires work,  time,  money,  learning something new (which is really good for us but hard) so we forget the joy at the finish line and opt for the excitement of the new because it is easier.

This unfortunate situation is not new.   I have a now huge collection of vintage projects that are not finished.   It is also a situation that can be remedied somewhat by having a good support group.   Sewing circles at church,   Guilds,  and yes your local fabric Shoppe.    We started doing Work in Progress Wednesdays in part to help you get that high from crossing the finish line.    Mountain Star Medallion

The workshop for Mountain Star is Tuesday,   there is room so you can come join us if you would enjoy.   This lovely piece is just a top at the moment, I reached a place where I like it very much and want to make it bigger,  to set it like an Amish diamond in the square,  but I just don’t have the place to hang it if it gets bigger and I don’t want to go so big it fits my queen size mattress.   SO it has not been done yet.   Of course as a class sample I will happily tell you that without batting I can store it easier and of course I need to show you the back in class to illustrate a point.    Just imagine how happy I will be some day in the future when I do get it finished and it hangs in my home.

Crazy Quilt Club will meet tomorrow.   It is a week later than usual, but the weather last week was a problem.    So come out and get the nudge you need to finish something,  or g ahead and start something new,  it should lead to a nice finish!!!



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