Mountain Star

When it happens that without even trying you have done something 3 times,  it is a safe bet to say that you like it.    When that thing is a quilt block it is about time we did a workshop so I can share it with you.     It is related to our showcase in that it has a very similar geometry,  but with slightly different Mountain Star Medallionproportions and the inclusion of string piecing.     The group lesson on it is January 29,  and February 5.   At the first session we will do the string piecing and choose colors that set off your own personal scraps and

strings,  and we will assemble the rest of the top in session two.   The photo is a little dark but the nice glow from the light-colored strings really shows.   As shown it finishes at 40 inches square but there are two ways to enlarge the project if desired.    Talk to me about it and I’ll adjust the yardages for you.      If those days don’t work for you we can do this by appointment too.


Detail of Mountain Star Medallion

So I did mention that I have done this block several times,   The other two times I used it very differently.    If you put the units together with the skinny point at the center,  it makes a stunning alternate block with a snowball.    I did one with blues and greens for a quilt called Beautiful Valley,  and I did a second version with less blocks in Beautiful Valley in Redwork.      Those of you who know me well understand how much I must love a block to make the same quilt twice.     But this is how I feel about Kaleidoscopes and their cousins.    Having so much fun with this showcase.        Details and materials lists are on the Spring Showcase page.   Be sure to let me know you are planning to attend.


Detail, Beautiful Valley

Beautiful Valley - redwork

Beautiful Valley in Rework


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