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Before I forget let me remind you that the BOM meets tomorrow, and today I will be in an out of the shoppe for some meetings and appointments.   Call if you are coming from a distance so you are sure I’ll be here.  ( 845) 758-8541

Ok so now,   multi tasking.   I really dislike purchasing expensive gadgets that only do one thing.   True in my kitchen, and my studio.    So when I find a ruler that makes a shape that has fascinating geometry and goes together in a few ways that are all pretty simple to sew and can still make complex looking quilts I want one.      Thing is,  I already have it,  several versions even, and you probably do too.  If not we have good ones available.    SO what is it?   the Old fashioned Kaleidoscope.     In its most traditional form it uses two fabrics and every block only has 12 pieces,  in 2 shapes.   It uses 8 triangles that arrange like 8 slices of pizza with four half square triangles at the corners to make it square.    Pretty straight forward?   yes,  but oh the variations.


A great Kaleidoscope from The First Dutchess Show. see label for info. 

My version of the traditional uses scraps from the thousand pyramids quilt and has four different colors.   When I set them you will see undulating lines going in four directions.   Exploiting these lines can help you make medallions,  stripes,  and even a design for a christening quilt with a large cross on it.     This block is one of my favorite to play with in design software or markers because of this.    The workshop for The traditional Kaleidoscope comes with a coloring page that I encourage you to play with before making your fabric choices.   The workshop itself is a single three hour session.   Crib size like mine takes only 12 blocks.

Also still in the showcase is thousand pyramids,  because it is also the same slice of pizza shaped triangle.    Love this too.     This amazing triangle is used for the so called Ice Cream Cone  border,   and it turns the corner beautifully.    The hard part of this is doing the math for it,  so that is what the Ice Cream Cone Border workshop centers on.    I used an improvisational pieced border of this type on the 8 point star.     You also see it in a pieced version on Dear Jane Quilts, and in historical quilts from the late 18th century.   It is so pretty that you could simply put it around a lovely piece of fabric and call it done.

When you start piecing or fussy cutting this triangle you can add complexity fast and get a result like Paula Nadelstern ( who will be in our area this spring)  or more traditionally the Rocky Road to Kansas.   The last of our new showcase workshops is the string pieced classic.   Watch for my sample coming soon.

I have been exceptionally busy outside of the shoppe this season and will post the rest of the sample photos and workshop details as soon as I can.   I am very excited for this showcase, and I’m so glad that I can finally dig in to getting the samples and write ups done.   In the meantime if you know you are interested in any of the things I have mentioned today let me know.      Have a wonderful New Year.  May it be filled with fabric fun and friends,  and a new project or two.


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