Keep the lights on

Yesterday,  one of my private students was working on a project that was to become a gift for a good friend.   She had learned some new skills and was working on a brand new machine that was vastly more advanced than her previous one.   It was snowy out and quiet,  and she quietly said out loud, but mostly to herself, that this was alot like meditating.     I let her sew on,  and when she was ready for the next step we had a conversation about mediation, mindfulness, prayer and stress relief.


Don’t stress,  pet me!!!!


The fact that sewing can be all of these things is a huge part of why so many of us are drawn to sew, quilt and stitch.   I know that it is for me too.    As we sit in the darkest part of the year and for many the most stressful please remember to keep your stitching lights on and burning bright.     It’s better for your eyes, and better for your soul.

I am working today to ease my soul too,  my Nan, the incredible woman I recently posted about,   had a stroke Tuesday morning and has gone downhill quickly.    I could be called to my family on Long Island at any moment, so if you come for a visit at the shoppe and find the lights off and door locked please send some love.    It has me in a weird mix of emotions as I am also working on the baby quilt for a new nephew who could arrive any day between now and mid January.     This holiday, I NEED to be stitching.    I am so thankful to have a large pile of projects to keep my hands and mind busy.   ( Just wait till you see the goodies I have planned for 2019 )


Nan Dec. 2, 2018 age 103

I can tell you for certain that we will be closed on Tuesday the 18th so I can go get my daughter from college.   Can’t believe that a whole semester is done already.    She has made the adjustment very well,  found some good friends,  found some new exciting interests and her light is burning brighter than ever.

Wishing everyone a piece-ful holiday and time with those you love.    Keep the lights shining!!


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  1. Maureen Gottschalk says:

    Oh prayers and best wishes for Nan….

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