This past Sunday I was happy to celebrate my Nan’s 103 birthday.      She is an amazing woman,  matriarch of the family,  and part of where my love of stitching came from.    You can see on the table a blue and white embroidered table cloth ( under plastic for use )   She made one for each of her children and female grandchildren.


She has been an inspiration to so many of us,  and as we sat at the table and played Cooties with my nephew and aunt I realized just how lucky we all were.   Tea and cold milk in the good cups, home-made cookies, and four generations playing a silly game all together.    What a blessing.

Quilting can cross generations too.   In fact I encourage you to share your craft with the young people in your life.   Small hand projects that are finished quickly will reel them in, and then when they are ready,  let them use a real machine ( not a toy please ) and make a small pillow or bag.    If your little girl likes dolls, American Girl Doll sized clothes or quilts are great too.    If you want help with projects for kids, tell me about them and I can help with a project they will get excited about.

For older students,  consider a sewing machine,  fabric, or notions as a gift.   I have several beginner friendly workshops that can be done, some with a machine,  some all by hand.   I can make out gift certificates for them and we can present them wrapped in the fabrics needed, with a nice bow of course.    You could even take the class together so you can spend some time together.      For the classes on offer check the Skillbuilders page.     Take the time now to reach out to the next generation or two and share.   It is time spent that you wont regret, and memories that will stay with them forever.

Tuesday is our Handstitchers club day,   We will be working on the leaf sampler from Laura Wasiloski.    Here is the link in case you didn’t get it.        Materials are also listed on our Club News Page.        Stumpwork will be working on UFO’s.       If the Red Hook Schools are closed or delayed due to snow we will just skip and do our projects in January.     Have a great weekend!!



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  1. Maureen Gottschalk says:

    Yes you are very lucky to have this history and generational pass down. I am the first generation in my family to get an education and to learn these craft quilting, knitting skills. I had no one to teach me any of these wonderful wonderful skills and unfortunately I have no one to pass them onto. This does not mean that I don’t enjoy them immensely. But that is just a wonderful part of the skill that you are lucky enough to have. Treasure it. miss you in the shop.

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