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This has been a busy week.   Among several other things,  I have been called upon to help with two different proposed group quilt projects .     Although each and every one of these projects is unique there are a few guidelines that I have found to be useful, especially if some or most of the participants are not quilters.      Here they are in a list,  so if you are involved with a project of this type you can use it as something of a checklist.

  •  Make sure that you have a competent and enthusiastic quilter at the helm from the very beginning.    Pay her if you need to.
  • Don’t have too many people in on the big decisions.  This can double the time it takes to get anything done.
  • Be flexible in the design phase, and provide the designer/quilter with as much information up front as you can.   This includes size,  display location, colors,  required imagery,  time frame,  and budget.
  • Organize!!   Get everything written down clearly,  have a list of names and contact for all participants and use it regularly.  Share updates and if possible visual aids.
  • If many of the participants are not quilters remember the Kiss concept,   Keep it simple.    Provide very specific instructions and as much of the materials as you can.  This is called eliminating variables.    If possible have a party and have them do the work under supervision by one or two experiences quilters.
  • Allow time and materials in case work comes back in with technical issues,  or for work that does not come back in ( on time or ever! )  This is where the expertise of your enthusiastic quilter is critical.    This is also the point at which I am usually called upon, and sometimes it is too late.
  • Don’t forget to have fun and be sure to celebrate when it is done.   Get everyone’s name on the label, and the guest list.

I hope this helps someone out there.     Unfortunately, this guidance is probably not going to reach those who need to see it most,  but I have to try.     It’s so much more fun to help you set up than to bail you out when the project is too far gone.

FullSizeRender (1)

The Lindberg Quilt,  an group project from 2016

In other news,  today is the last day for the Redwork ornament pattern.    Tomorrow is the First Saturday of December so our Block of the Month will meet at 9.   Please bring all that you have done so far as I have setting information and you may want to use our big tables to lay out the blocks and make if you want  s.ome choices in that regard.

This coming Thursday is the Thousand Pyramids workshop.   Starts at 10:30.   My version is still in progress,  but I LOVE it.  I used a kaleidoscope ruler and scaled it up from the vintage version.   I had intended to make a lap size,  but it’s so nice I’m going bigger.   It is also quite easy.    I have a simple trick that makes the piecing alignment simple.   I keep getting more ideas for how to play with this,  and it is very possible that I make several versions.    It’s the perfect balance of great to look at and easy to piece,  add in that it can be a great stash buster and I think everyone should make one.    The workshop proper is one session.  You wont finish it in that time,  but you will have everything you need to do so, and if you want, you can finish it at Work in Progress Wednesdays.    You need to find an place to shelter from the holiday crazies and we are it!!


A Vintage Thousand Pyramids in patriotic colors. 





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