So it’s Thanksgiving time.   The Holiday music is blasting in the parking lots and big box stores,   The entrance of the craft store smells overwhelmingly of those scented pine cones .    I’m so not ready to jump into the winter Holidays,   I want to savor fall a little longer,  and pausing to remember how much we have to be thankful for is important.

I am truly thankful for you my readers, and even more when you come in to my shop.   It is why I design a redwork ornament for you each year.    The pattern is free when you pick it up in person during the month of November.     I also have materials kits that have not increased in price in 14 years.     Small shops like mine can provide these sorts of perks because you still come in and shop.     We love you for that.IMG_7132

Next week I will be closed EXCEPT for Tuesday.     My daughter broke her foot so we have to go pick her up and then bring her back over the weekend.    On crutches, with her dog, and several instruments that can’t stay in the dorms when they close them for the holiday,   we have no choice but to drive the 5 hours each way to get her and then again to bring her back.   The things we do for our kids right?    I am however very thankful that she loves college, is doing well and yet still is excited to come home for the holiday.    So I will have the shoppe closed while we cart her around.     Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you Tuesday,  or on November 27 when normal hours return.


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