and the winner is…

Quilt festival is going on now in Houston.   As usual the winners are amazing.   Here is a link so you can check them out too.   You may have to copy and paste,  or simply google it.   Most of us will not enter, or be accepted to a show at the level that this one is,  so why is it important to see the winners?       If you care about the art that you practice then it is good to glance at the cutting edge and the top of the pack so you can know what the pinnacle of the art looks like.    I know that I always tell you that perfection is a myth, but these come as close as is possible.     Viewed with the right mindset it can be a catalyst for growth in one’s own craft.   Here are a few things you can keep in the back of your mind as you look so that you can gain knowledge as you gaze.    These are things that you can still learn as you look at digital images.   Seeing them in person if you are lucky enough is a different situation and you can gain even more from that.    I am assuming that if you are reading this now you are at home, not at the show.   So Here are some things to consider.

Do I like the color combinations?   Are they dark, light, closely related,  or do they really contrast?    Is there a color I normally wouldn’t like that works well in this piece?   Why?  Is there a combination of colors that I have seen that I would love to use in my own quilts?

How about imagery?   Do I like the abstract ones,  overall blocks,  pictorial,  or painted surface?  Does the one I most love have a technique in it that I haven’t tried?   Am I willing to try it?    If I am,  do I know someone who can help me experiment?  ( yes you do hint hint )

Earlier this week a customer brought in a quilt top to show me.   She rescued it from a horrible situation and wanted to know what I thought she should do with it.   It is a beautiful postage stamp and She said I could share with you.


The squares are about an inch and a half.  It’s probably a full size,  and the intersections are almost perfect.   We looked for a long time and I only found one that was a tiny bit off.   It was hand pieced with tiny tiny stitches.    We also found three examples of the same print in two different colors.    It is possibly 1940-50,  and with a few homespuns, flannels, and shirtings  the maker may have had access to either mill ends or scraps from a seamstress.    The colors are nice and clear.     Isn’t it fun?

Lastly a quick over view of the events for next week,  Hand Stitchers and Stumpwork on Tuesday,  and the Crazy Quilt annual Holiday Tea on Saturday.    Also a reminder for members of First Dutchess Quilt Guild that the meeting is Wednesday night, at the Millbrook Farm and Home Center.     Supply lists for the club meetings on Tuesday are on the Club news page.    Use the tabs at the top of the page.     Enjoy the quilts and I’ll see you soon.


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