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IMG_2033This morning the contrast between the gray sky and the early morning light coming through the trees made many of the truly glow.    This tree is right across from the shoppe, but the photo doesn’t quite capture the glow.     The season is simply flying by so I urge you to take a moment to slow down and enjoy the simple things that make life beautiful.   Halloween is done and it’s November already so  the Holiday’s are imminent.   Things will only get busier and crazier as we finish out 2018.     It happens every year, we know it’s coming, and yet it always seems to come up without warning,  then Boom, it’s Christmas eve.    This is why at this time every year I have shared with  you a free pattern for a redwork ornament.  IMG_7132


This Year it is Hexagon Shaped and a sister pattern to the one we did last year.     I was gifted a vintage Hexagon project that was unfinished,  and among the pieces were two muslin stamped images of birds.   Something about them was very appealing so I enlarged them slightly and they became ornaments patterns.    This one had been partly embroidered,  with green in the leaves and a brownish color for the bird.   I prefer him as a cardinal in red.     The leaves are worked in large lazy Daisy stitches for a lighter effect,  but if you prefer you may use a stem stitch for all of it.    The pattern is free when you come into the shoppe.    I do also have a materials kit that even includes a needle.   The materials kit is only $3.00,   a price that hasn’t gone up in all of the 14 ( yes 14 ) years I have been dIMG_2032oing this for you.

It is particularly important when life gets hectic to take a few minutes to one self and breathe.   I find that redwork is a great thing to help with that.   I also find that time with animals is great to help keep your sense of humor.    Here is one last photo today, of Jake in his Halloween costume.   It is supposed to be Yoda, but he hated the ears and hood.   oh well.

Tomorrow is the Block of the Month Meeting.   Keep laughing, keep stitching and I’ll see you all soon.


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