What’s the Story?

When I was in elementary school there was a custodian named Charlie.   He was an old guy,  lanky build, thinning grey hair in a comb over,  the biggest nose I have ever seen, and gray eyes that always had a mysterious air about them.    He was always there,  arrival and dismissal,  lunchtime,  getting chairs for teachers at assemblies while we kids sat on the floor.    He worked hard.    So why do I remember him?    He told stories.   The kids would ask,  “What’s the Story Charlie?”  and he would launch into some monologue that was often part fairy tale, and part plot from last night’s sit com.   He always made us laugh,  and the mystery in his eyes would sparkle and draw us in.   Even the teachers liked his stories,  once on the way to gym class,  there were 3 classes and the assistant principal stopped in the hall to listen to a particularly good tale.    Although the details of his stories are gone,  I remember Charlie with great fondness and as an adult suddenly realized one day that every one of his tales that I can remember had a moral or some kind of reminder that humans should be good and kind to each other.

I share this with you as an example of how powerful a good story can be,  and as inspiration to you to infuse your quilt projects with your own story.    And then to not be afraid to tell them.    Whether it means a label on the back, or a photograph with the new baby laying on your quilt,  or a more elaborate account of the symbolism.  Maybe that’s why I love making scrap quilts,  every leftover from previous projects comes with a story already built in,  that becomes part of the narrative.       I used all sorts of leftovers to make the pieced strips of the Postage Stamp Strippy quilt.     If you come to the workshop on Nov. 1 & 8 I will share.   The more people who come to this class the richer the scraps we can exchange and play with, and hear stories about.     Call to register,  supply lists are on the showcase tab.   IMG_7126


Halloween is also coming up fast.    Town trick or treating for Saturday has been moved to an inside location,  but Jake will be here in costume,  and handing our treats for humans.   He will wear his costume on the actual day of Halloween too.    He doesn’t mind wearing it so why not?    It’s part of the story!!


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