Time to Fall in Love with Hand Quilting!!


Basic Hand Quilting Class on Demand

The Sheep and wool festival is this weekend at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.   The weather has gotten cool and blustery.   This means it is quilting season.    It is the perfect time of year to sit with a lovely quilt and stitch along into the evening.    In the old days,  ( define that how you want ) the women would spend the summer months piecing the tops, and spinning the yarns,  and then when the nights got cool it would be time to knit and crochet the garments,  and get all the quilting done so the beds would be covered and warm for sleeping when winter hit.       There was a lovely ebb and flow to the seasonal activities.      Today not so much,  but when the frosts start I do love to dig into a new hand quilting project.     It is lovely to sit in the comfy chair with a quilt in progress to work on, on my lap,  often Jake the Quilt Pug also curled up under it and on my feet or even lap, with some nice hot mulled cider to drink.    Add to it the stunning color of the trees in my yard that I can see out the window and you have a little bit of heaven.


Base design for Welsh Style Quilting Class on Demand

The other thing that is wonderful about doing your own quilting, and by hand,  is that it is comparatively cheap.   Yes you still need batting, thread, needles and scissors,   plus perhaps a hoop and thimble depending on your technique of choice,  but those costs are minor compared to buying a machine that does decent quilting, or even paying someone to do it for you.    So I urge you to splurge on a hand quilting class from us.    We have several styles you can choose from, and you can even bring that top you made in the summer to work on.    We have traditional hand quilting,  Welsh style hand quilting,   and the trendy (and fast to do) Big Stitch.    They are all classes on demand,  so you call and make the appointment to sit and quilt for an afternoon, and while we are at it I will tell you all the secrets to making it easy,  relaxing and your new favorite way to finish your quilts.    Information on all of our classes on demand is on the Skill builders page.


Postage Stamp Strippy getting ready to be basted.    Class November 1 & 8


Now,  there may even be some of you out there who don’t have a project ready to quilt,  our postage stamp strippy would be a great one to make,  it doesn’t take long and it has some great spaces for lovely hand quilting.   This is one that is best done in a group because then there will be a bigger selection of scraps for the class members to play with and exchange,  making for more lovely rainbows in the pieced strips.    It is scheduled for November 1 & 8,  10:30 am.     Sign up for this one and we can schedule your quilting workshop for when you are ready.    It’s all just too much fun.   Here’s to the Fall colors and a warm project to work on!!!!



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