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Yesterday my horoscope said to rely on habits if the day gets hectic.     Things were pretty calm,  but I thought about it and relying on habits has lots of benefits no matter what the planets are doing.   No one would argue that the habit of brushing your teeth every day is good for you.   But what about other habits that have benefits that may be less obvious?     How about your hobbies?   They could be habits if you engage in them daily.     If not,  maybe you should consider making time for them every day.    Some amount of time, even just 10 minutes, a day is enough.   Most of us can find ten minutes in a day.    It is amazing how that simple few minutes every day can add up.  By the end of the week it is over an hour.      I know that sometimes that is not long enough to set up the machine, sew and take it down again,  which is one of the many reasons I enjoy hand work so much.     My home is full of boxes, bags and baskets with projects in them,  sitting in all sorts of spaces.    There is almost always a project I can grab and work on while I am on hold,   waiting for the water to boil,  or chatting away on skype with my daughter.

Working on it every day also keeps it present in your mind.   When a thought stays at the top of the mental pile but you are not actively working on it interesting things happen.   Ideas and creativity blossom.    The muse may visit.     We have tons of interesting and fun hand stitching opportunities that ca help you develop a stitching habit.    From Clubs,  to classes,  and even during our open sewing time on WIP Wednesdays we are here to support your habit.     This is better than drugs or therapy.   It’s cheaper than both of those,  and when you are done you have a lovely project forever.     Check our events page on the website for the perfect project.      IMG_6993

Our Block of the Month will meet tomorrow,  a week later than usual because we were at the show,   Thursday is our scheduled day for the Rose Star Workshop,  call to register, or set up an appointment if that time doesn’t work for you,  and Saturday the 20th is Crazy Quilt Club.     So let me help you make it a habit.




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