I want to extend big thank yous to everyone who came in this past week to help me collate, bag kits, and prep for the show this weekend.     It means so much to know that you were willing to support me when I needed you.     Even the universe has told me this week that I am on the right track.     I am feeling very deep gratitude.     So what happened?   I know you are curious and you should be.      Yesterday afternoon a stunning quilt came into the shoppe.    It no longer matches the owners decor and taste so she wants me to help her find it a new home.      So why do I think the universe is watching out for me?      Because it is a big beautiful  mosaic hexagon.  about 3/4 inches on a side.   Medallion setting,   black background,  mostly clothing silks,  amazing condition,     and English sh paper pieced.    What is more she has given me permission to bring it with me to the show.     I am featuring hand work in my booth,  including EPP.    The show is also a place to advertise the conservation and repair work I do so having this amazing piece ( probably from the late 1800’s ) on hand is simply fantastic.       I will be taking some better photos of it when I can spend the time to do more than use my phone.     I just love the way they are set,  you don’t see this one very often.   The medallion is in the center,    this is a detail of the surrounding field of flowers.       IMG_7125

When normalcy (??) returns on Tuesday we have our Hand stitcher’s Club.    We are finishing the sampler.    We will discuss a few ways to finish it off and go over the materials for our next project.            The list of supplies and the link to the project directions is on the club news page if you need to see it.       It should be fun and playful, and easy to stitch.

We will be closing today at one so I can pack my car and go set up.    The show is Quilts in the Valley,   and you will need to visit us there for Saturday and Sunday.  The shoppe will be closed.   I will try to get some photos from the event on the facebook page, so if you haven’t “liked” it please do so.    The show is in Roundout Valley Middle School,  122 Kyserike Road,  Stone Ridge    10-5 Saturday,   11-4 Sunday.   if you need more info.     See you there!!  – and thank you again for your loyal support!!




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