It has been tricky to get to sit down and write today’s post.   My car is having issues and depending on someone else for a ride means my normally scheduled tasks need to be…  flexible.     I am so glad that my major task for today involves handwork.   I need some hand stitching time.   It is amazing how much it can help things in my mind settle down.


Vintage Hexies, ready to be worked on!! 

Thankfully, next week is going to be full of lovely hand stitching time,  Tuesday is Handstitchers Club.  We will begin part four of our stitch sampler,  this time with fillers for large spaces.    You will probably want a slightly larger hoop for these as it is easier to get an even fill if the whole area you want filled is in the hoop at once.     We also have our Stumpwork Club in the afternoon.   We are nearing the finish on the Foxgloves.

Wednesday is a Work in Progress Wednesday.  Another chance for some hand work,  and Thursday is our workshop on EPP.   What is that?  It’s the abreviation for English Paper Pieceing – Most often seen as Grandmother’s Flower Garden.   It is one of the most portable of projects,  it can use up tons of lovely scraps, or be coordinated into larger diamonds and star patterns,   super fun. —- Did I say addictive?      The pre cut papers come in several sizes,  and we also have some other shapes that work well,  squares, triangles, and diamonds for tumbling blocks.      Call and let me know you are attending,  workshop at 10:30 on this Thursday, for about 3 hours,  $30.00. Bring hand stitching supplies.

And Saturday will be busy too,  with Crazy Quilt Club.   If you are planning on attending be advised that it is also Hardscrabble Day in town,  so you may want to plan some time to take that in,  or skirt around the center of town while driving in so you miss the traffic.       No matter how or when you visit next week be assured that there will be a fun project waiting for you to dig your hands into.





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  1. Ann Lewis says:

    Hi Diana, Sorry to hear about your car troubles. Last week was my car trouble week, and there is more work coming up. I want to talk with you about quilting and me. My time off from quilting over the summer due to too much happening in my life at once, has actually been a good time for me to stand back from it, and think about what is working for me and what is not working for me. While I love crazy quilting, the other club members, and Diane, I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a change for a few reasons. This is what I want to discuss with you. Now that my sister is better (stressful) and I’ve made great strides in de-cluttering and reorganizing my space, I want to regroup with my quilting and what is realistic and what will be most satisfying for me. This is where you come in! I will be introducing a new quilting friend to you and your shop in the near future, hopefully this month. She is excited to have learned from me that there is a great shop nearby, with a lovely owner. I told her about you and your helpfulness and open Wednesdays. She was impressed. My brother (84) is very sick now, so I am still in turmoil with this, but there is nothing I can physically do for him. His children are very supportive. But it weighs on me all the same.

    So, I hope to see you soon. Please say hello to the CQ’rs for me. Sadly, this means I will opt out of the Christmas extravaganza. I will miss this. Will you please forward this email to Diane for me.

    See you soon, Ann

    On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 11:46 AM Village Fabric Shoppe wrote:

    > villagefabricshoppe posted: “It has been tricky to get to sit down and > write today’s post. My car is having issues and depending on someone else > for a ride means my normally scheduled tasks need to be… flexible. I > am so glad that my major task for today involves handwork. ” >

    • Ann, I am sorry you are facing such challenges right now. When you are ready I would love to help you organize and get focused on the things that you need right now to nourish and replenish not only your creative juices, but whatever else I can help with. I believe strongly in the healing power of textiles and sounds like you could use a little support. You know I am here for you. – Diana

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