Fall Showcase

I am thrilled to announce that the Fall Showcase is now up and running.    One Patch Quilts.   It sounds simple,  all the patches ( except occasionally a border ) are the same shape and size.   Sure squares.  ok.   How about really tiny ones?? a Postage stamp size?  what about rectangles?  They work too, in some really nice ways,  we have a lovely vintage one in the shoppe that you could come see.   Triangles??  Now we are really talking,  several kinds of triangles work.   Tumblers,  Diamonds,  even a five sided house shape.   Then there are kites ( see the Rose Star project if you can’t visualize ) and of course the Mother of all One Patch,   the Hexagon.


Vintage Hexagons I repaired

There are so many techniques to play with depending on the shape.   Hexagons are great for English Paper Piecing by hand,  Our postage Stamp Strippy quilt uses a special fusible interfacing to keep all the squares organized and increase your accuracy,   Take a Walk with me runner uses strip piecing.    Some shapes can be hand cut with a template, some can be rotary cut,  and all one patch quilts give you lots of ways to play with color and fabrics. I even have coloring sheets for some of them so you can play with your colored pencils too.   Back around the millennium,  Charm quilts had a brief resurgence.  They are one patch quilts where every patch was a different fabric.    The idea was to have 1000, or 2000 – for the millenium.     Soldiers pre 1900 were known to make elaborate hexagon quilts with large overall patterns that resembled mosaic tile.    The ones that survive are amazing – often with very small hexagons,  1/2 inch or so on a side.    In some cases these quilts were even described including a count of the number of pieces in it,  the goal being to have as many as possible to show off your skills.    Most of us don’t have that particular ambition nowadays.


Four Square Quilt.  in progress.  This was her very first quilt. 


Please check the Fall Showcase page for dates, and supply lists.    Come visit us in person to see the samples up close and view our collection of one patch vintage quilts.   I can guarantee that there is something on this schedule you want to make,  so please register today.

Our Block of the Month will indeed meet tomorrow even though it is a holiday weekend.  If you have work in the exhibit at the Fairgrounds,  it is back here at the Shoppe and you can come in and pick it up.    Thank you again for a wonderful exhibit.









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