One stitch at a time

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there beforesmall orchestra RXR2018.”  – Neil Gaiman.

I came across this quote this week and it hit home.   It seems that everyone I know has a major transition going on in life right now.   Weddings, births, divorce, and of course the big one for me personally,  Liz leaving for college.   Some are good, some not so,  but always changes are disruptive.    There is also plenty of dissent and negativity in the larger world too.    Times like this I want to retreat to simple activities that soothe the emotions and allow for some calm amid the storm.    This is probably the time I most love doing hand work.   Hand quilting,  hand piecing,  simple embroidery stitches in abundance and done in a comfy chair with some good music playing is restorative.    Each stitch is something that was not there before,  and I am in control of it.  Each stitch builds on the last,  the work in my hands gets more and more beautiful,  more personal,  more meaningful with each pull of the needle.    The world gets a little brighter.    I know that it will all be fine.

Tomorrow is Crazy Quilt Club,  yes it’s a date change,  but the shoppe will be closed on Saturday the 18th for a wedding,   and then again closed on the 24 and 25th to take Liz to School.    Yikes,  where’s my stitching??

Tuesday the 14th is hand stitchers and Stumpwork clubs.

Lastly, if you are loaning work to me for the fair exhibit please get it to me asap.   Thanks again!!


Can I help???


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