For today we are back to our discussion of the principles of design.    Value in the case of design means how dark or light a color is.   Tone speaks to intensity using words like pastel, muted,  or bold.     Tone and value often work together, and controlling these two principles allows you to create three-dimensional illusions.    The trip around the world in greens is an example of changing the value in order to achieve an more dimensional effect.     You can also use this


idea in tumbling blocks,  attic windows and half hexies for amazing optical illusions.        So in music,  value is called volume,  and  tone is described with words like soft, muted, bell-like,  and clear.     In music it is hard to have beautiful tone if your instrument is out of tune, or in disrepair.

I feel that I need to address the idea of value and tone on another level also as these two words have applications the go beyond the arts.    When artists in any media refer to good tone or the right value,  it is a relative thing.   The subtle manipulations of these principles in a work are key to the expressive quality,  often collectively referred to as the dynamics.     When the differences are large it is very dynamic, when they are small it is not.   Good use of dynamics can make or break an artwork.    This is for many,  the trickiest of the design principles to master,  but it is worth the work.

Tuesday the 17th is the rescheduled day for hand and stumpwork clubs,  and on Saturday the 21 we have our crazy quilt meeting.    For more information of  any of our clubs check the club new page, and if you are new to a club please let us know you are planning to attend.

Don’t forget to send me the info on any projects you have done with me that you would like to display.   I need to know by the end of next week.   Thank you!!


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