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I am looking for projects you have done with me that you would be willing to display in a booth at the Dutchess County Fair this summer.    I have already spoken to some of you about this, but if I haven’t here’s the lowdown.   I am being given the opportunity to show my work and that of my students/customers in a booth in the craft building at the fair this year.    I know it seems early, but there is much curating and paperwork involved so I am asking that if you have work to show please inform me by July 21.    I will need your name, the title of the piece, title of the class/workshop/club project if you can remember,  date completed and approximate size.    A photo also helpsIMG_7095 but is not required.  If you wish to say anything else about the piece that is acceptable as well.   ( This was the first time I quilted it myself type things are interesting to the general public. )    I don’t know yet how many pieces may come in and I reserve the right to not display a piece based on space limitations, but there will be no judging.       I have not shown my personal work in quite some time and it is good to be able to do so,  and I am even more excited that I am being given the chance to share that opportunity with you.     The single most important thing that I want to share with you my loyal customers and friends, and yes the whole world is the inspiration to exercise creativity.   This display at the fairgrounds will allow me to reach a whole new set of people and hopefully inspire a few of them to let their creativity loose in the world.


Today we have to close at 1 pm,  and Tuesday we will also be closed ( orientation at my daughter’s college!!! )  so Hand stitchers and stumpwork clubs will meet on the 17th instead.    The Civil War sampler will meet tomorrow at 9 am as scheduled.      I have updated the clubs pages with pertinent information on all of it.     Next week we will get back to our discussion of design principles.




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  1. Marie says:

    How wonderful! Looking forward to visiting Building E and seeing this incredible display.

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