I know I mentioned this before, but my daughter is graduating High School.    Her prom is tomorrow, so I will be closing the shoppe at 2 pm to help her get ready and get some good photographs.     I recently found the photo from my oProm1985150dpiwn senior prom.    It was 1985,  but you probably didn’t guess that,  look at those shoulder ruffles.   And who could forget those long gloves.    But the youthful energy is there and I remember the excitement.   A limo ride, a formal occasion without family,  All my best friends will be there.    What great memories.    And I see all of that repeating as my daughter preps for her prom.   The fashion may change, but the event is still as significant.

So what does all this have to do with quilting?    Just like the institution of prom,   there are techniques and patterns that have stood the test of time.    The fabrics and color scheme might have changed,   but the basics are there,  connecting us to the millions of quilters who came before us.   Every time a new quilter picks up a tip or technique from a more experienced one the legacy is strengthened.    It is a reassuring thing to see in our crazy world.    Generations bonded together by a common thread.   I promise that next week I will post a photo of my girl, so we can see how things have changed and still stayed the same.


Batik stamp for printing


Next week is going to be busy here.   On Tuesday we have our handstitchers and stumpwork clubs,  Wednesday is the printing portion of the affirmations project.  There are 2 seats left.  Let me know if you want me to save one of them for you.   The print block you make in class will be used on fabric but can also be printed on paper and used in scrap books,  cards,  Art Journals and anywhere else that your imagination can dream up.    And last, but never least, Saturday is a Crazy Quilt Club Day.      Come get involved and be part of the legacy.   –  No prom dress needed.

The photo is a hand carved wooden Batik Stamp.   You need not be so fancy,  but it is part of the tradition you will take part in when you take Wednesdays workshop.    Enjoy



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