Summer Fun

I can’t believe it is June already.    It is a busy time for me,  with about half of my extended family having birthdays or anniversaries between Father’s Day and mid July.   This year we also have a few weddings, and of course Liz is graduating High School and getting ready to go away to college.    Time flies.

This is why I always fill our summer schedule with playful and out of the box techniques.   It is too hard to work complex piecing,  fussy applique or super dense quilting in around all the BBQs.     So I our June offering is super fun.     I’ll give you the secret to carving a word on a a stamp and having it come out readable.   It is actually pretty simple.   CIMG_7108hoosing the right word might actually be more challenging.       Then we will use your unique stamp to create some squares of fabric and once they are dry we will use them to make a project.    If you get enough you can make    a wall/throw size quilt like I did,  or you can do a table runner, or even a just a pillow top.    Your resulting fabrics can be used just like any regular quilt fabric,  except that they are more special because no one will ever have fabric exactly like yours.     How cool is that?    And it is easy and fun.

The group class is on the schedule for June 13 and 27.   Session one for carving and printing,  session two for sewing.    It is a good idea in classes to isolate the paint,  paint


water and messy stuff from the rotary tools,  pins and electronics of a sewing machine.    Ask me how I know.   My all purpose studio at home has taught me some valuable ( and expensive ) lessons.    Paint and print ink also seems to dry faster in the summer.    Call us, comment here,  or come visit and register in person.    We can also arrange a session for July if there is interest.   Supply List is on the showcase page.

One other thing I need to mention, is that I made a mistake,  the Row by Row program starts on June 21,  not the first.   I am sorry that you now have to wait longer for your kit,   The first was my deadline for getting it finished so you can understand why that day stuck in my mind.    I will be re stringing my guitar this weekend and rehearsing for a bit longer so when I do get to play for you it will be even better.



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