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It’s a busy weekend around here.  tomorrow is Apple Blossom Day,   a town festival and all around fun day.    If you visit for the festivities be sure to stop by.   Then Sunday is Mother’s Day.    Please remember that we have gift certificates.   If Mom is a quilter,  or would like to be.    Wouldn’t it be fun for you and Mom ( or Auntie or Gramma ) to take a workshop together?     Our skillbuilders workshops are great projects centered on a specific skill, and our new summer schedule is up and full of great ways to show Mom how much you care.

This past weekend I was happy to attend the Northern Star Quilt Guild Show in Danbury CT.     It has been a while since I was able to attend a show as just another quilter and I felt like I was on vacation.    The artwork of Van Gogh has always inspired me, and the amazing quilts from this exhibit prove that others feel the same way.     I was excited by the number of quilts in the Junior category because that means that kids are getting actively involved.     It was fun to see Victoria Findlay Wolf again, and get a better look at some of her quilts.   The pictorial quilts of Kate Themel were there also and offered a no less stunning but totally different way of thinking about art quilts.



With the current semester schedule themed on Text-iles,  I was delighted one of the challenges that the guild had sponsored,   called wordplay.    The participants were to choose a word and make a small quilt about it every month for 12 months.    Two people accepted and the results were wonderful.    These were by Joyce Sullivan,  and her word was apple.   Since it is Apple Blossom time here these seemed like the ones to show you.

I was also quite happy to see that Carol Weber, current president of First Dutchess Quilt Guild had received so many accolades for her leaves quilt.    Very well deserved.   Congrats Carol!!



Over the next few weeks I will continue to share about the show.    There were so many quilts that had text or letters on them,  and I tried to get photos of them all.    In the meantime,  here is the sampler letter,  L,  the block finishes to 18 inches with this IMG_7116alphabet.   The workshop is on May 24, and you can use any letter or number and any one of several alphabet charts.    This will probably get finished into a pillow.   I may have to make two more and spell out Liz for my daughters dorm.    She wont survive without a few extra pillows.    The things we do for our kids.

Call,  email, or stop by  to register for our workshops.    Have a great weekend.



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