Sometimes a single word can carry meaning far greater than its few letters indicate.   Flow is one of those words.    Water flows,  air flows, blood flows,  energy flows.   Peak performers, athletes and creatives all talk about being in a nearly mystical state of flow where everything just works smoothly.    With this being a

IMG_7108year of great transitions in my house it seemed the right word for me to choose as my word of the year.    The reminder to breathe and go with the Flow has helped as we help my daughter choose and prepare to go away to college.

So while I was considering what short word to carve on my block for the summer printing on fabric workshop Flow seemed the right choice.     Simple block printing like this is a wonderful way to create something special for a small project.    Doesn’t it look like a modern batik??   My original intention was to create a table runner using only the printed fabric squares, IMG_7110

but I found some fabrics that I just had to put together with it and create a larger piece that will actually work well on a wall, or to cover my round kitchen table.   I designed a simple asymmetrical block to alternate with my printed fabrics and when you take the class I will share that pattern with you.     In the spirit of the word,  when the strips I had cut yielded only 12 of the alternate I chose to piece together the leftovers and one of the test pieces of printed fabric for the very center.    I am now deciding on how I want to quilt it.   Something watery and wave-like might just do the trick.      The class will be two sessions,  one to make the plate and print your fabrics,  and one to construct your top.    I will have the details of supply lists up soon.  I am still working on scheduling for the summer so if you are interested let me know what days and times are good for you.

Tomorrow is world Tai Chi day,   so it is a great day to stop, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to feel the flow of energy.      It will help you truly engage in your daily activities and maybe reach that flow state where everything is smooth, beautiful and easy.

Don’t forget that you only have a few days left to  schedule one of our log cabin showcase workshops.     I hope you take advantage of them before they are gone.

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