Don’t Multitask

This lovely Spring quilt top is the


very first for customer Cathy S.   It is a gift for a luck three year old.      The big pink polka dot you see at the top is for the back.   Super fun.    Cathy was here this week to get it basted and has out some quilting ideas.      This is our four square pattern and with true beginners we often tie it,  but Cathy has lots of non quilting sewing experience and so will be quilting it.    Quilt as desired is a huge topic and in the case of this pattern my go to idea is to stitch corner to corner so the straight lines follow the colors on a diagonal.   The pink and the green are pretty obvious,  but the two different yellows on the opposite diagonal are more subtle.    This quilt idea results in a square on point that sits perfectly within the grid.     More advanced quilters can then add a more detailed design within the on point squares for a completely different look.     There is also the possibility of using a decorative stitch from your machine to run the long rows of diagonal quilting and I do believe that is what Cathy is planning,  her machine has a puzzle piece design that will be fun.

While she was here another customer came in for  Work in Progress Wednesday also.   I was binding a quilt for a customer.   Lots going on and lots of conversation.   It was fun but we all had to be mindful of not getting too far ahead of ourselves or losing track of our own task.    It made me think.    Multi-tasking is not all that it is cut out to be.   Especially when quilt making.     The joy of the process is in the fact that you can single task.    There is peace in the focus of piecing.    As most of us prepare for Easter,  it is good to be able to sit for a few minutes and find that peace amid all the crazy trimmings of the season.   ( Personally if I never see Easter basket grass again I’ll be happy )

As it turns out I will have to close on Tuesday for a college visit with my daughter,  but our Block of the Month will meet next Saturday,  April 7.   We will be doing 3 blocks.   As usual if you can’t make the meeting I will hold your things for when you can come in.    Have a wonderful weekend, be safe if you travel to see family,  and keep piecing.


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