Background Check

Yesterday we got in a box of new fabric.   That always feels like Christmas morning,  because most of the time it was ordered so long ago that I don’t remember what is coming when.    So I opened it and remembered OH yeah,  just some basic backgrounds.   But as I got them unpacked and checked in I was reflecting on how important the choice of background is.      It is hardly ever the first fabric we choose, but it can set the tone for the whole piece.   The wrong background can ruin the best color scheme,  and the right one can enliven a ho-hum fabric and make it sing.

The best way is to show you so I grabbed a few fat quarters and here we go.    First thing that most quilters who lack color confidence go to is white,  and yes that can work well with good clear colors,  or light pastels and 1930’s style,  but with other fabrics it can be too bright.     So ok,  then a cream or natural muslin type,  yes also can work, especially with toned down or very rich colors like civil war era reproductions.     Good,  but without getting into actual colors ( like blue or red ) our options are not done.   The Amish used Black backgrounds,   do you want a pure black,  or a nice warm brownish black???    And what about gray??  If you want a nice modern look don’t forget to try a gray.       And you thought you were done making fabric choices when you grabbed that fat quarter bundle.     Time for your background check.


Gray Floral


White Paisley



Cream print


Warm Black

Tomorrow is Crazy Quilt Club,  yes a week late but they will be starting a new project.   If you are new to the group please let us know you are coming.     I also want to let you know that next week we are on regular hours for Easter weekend.



Charcoal on Black

So after seeing them all, which one would you choose??



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