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There is so much going on,  I need to write it all down.    You might want to get out your calendar too.     There is a huge value in making lists.   The To Do,  the Honey Do,  the Round tuit,   whatever you call it having a list means making a plan.     I have been talking about getting things organized and done over the past few weeks,   and one of the ways to help keep things moving is lists.    Whether you set reminders with your phone or laptop,   or use a notebook,  or post it notes on your bathroom mirror or fridge having it written down can improve your finish rate.     So are you ready,??  Her is what is going on in the next week.



Tomorrow is not only St Patrick’s Day,  it is National Quilt Day as well.     So we decided to have a play day.    I have instructions for a simple block made from charm squares and strings ( any skinny strip of leftover fabric )  that I will have on hand,  as well as the scrap collection from the shoppe for us to make a project with.     Anyone who comes in and participates can have 10% off their entire purchase tomorrow.    This includes scrap fabric donations that will go into this project.    The resulting quilt when finished will go to a local charity.   Which one depends on the size of the finish.

Next week,     We will be closed on Wednesday because I have several appointments that cannot be missed.    But I will be able to see some of you at the First Dutchess Quilt Guild meeting that night.    Eleanor Levie is the guest speaker and it will be fun.     The following day she will be running a workshop through the guild that will take place her at the Shoppe.      I am excited,  she has a wonderfully colorful and playful attitude about quilts and I know it is going to be fun.

And then next Saturday,  a week later than usual the crazy Quilt Club will meet,  and they will be starting a new project.     If you are planning on attending and are new please let us know,  you can contact me or Diane Johnson.


A  piece of Vintage Crazy Quilt for your enjoyment.   

So did you get all that?    Did you write it down?     Have you made a list of supplies for your project?   Bring it tomorrow and take advantage of the Quilt Day!!     See you soon.


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