Best Laid Plans

So I was all set to follow up with last weeks post,  but yesterday my laptop at the Shoppe simply wouldn’t start.    It must now visit the Geek Squad, and with the weather today that just wont happen yet either.    So I am snowed in at home hoping that this will post from a 10 year old computer.  (that is why there are no images today )    Today is a lesson in going with the flow.

My studio at home is painted a nice bright sunny yellow,  but it feels smaller than it is because of the clutter.   Today is the perfect day to get it a bit more organized and cleaned up.   Despite the snow,  I can feel Spring getting ready to show itself,  and with that comes renewed energy for creative activities.    I know that many of you garden and spring means planting and yardwork,  but as I haven’t managed to get in a garden in years, for me it means time for new projects.    I will spend today prepping my studio for that surge when it happens.      My  challenge to you is to spend a few minutes today planning and/or prepping for a project you want to accomplish this Spring.     And it follow up on last week,  if you are looking for some accountability,  tell us about it.   You can comment on this blog,  or on Facebook.    And if it is really big one am email or visit to us on Work in Progress Wednesdays can always help.

Lastly,  since this storm is supposed to last for a while yet I am postponing the Block of the Month.    We will meet on Saturday March 10 instead of tomorrow.    I do expect to get the shoppe open tomorrow,  but asking everyone to get there early, and with the parking lot icing so easily it is safer.    The materials are ready for you,  so if you are in a hurry for your block you can stop by during the week to pick it up.    I am expecting to see a least a few of you bring all the blocks you have done so we can see some exciting progress.

Be safe and warm.



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