It has been an odd week.  We had spring, almost summer, and winter in the space of a few days.    Strange weather patterns can bother us in a million subtle ways and Laguna Beach005set things off kilter.     The summer teaser has me thinking about a nice day at the beach.     But thanks to a deadline I have been able to keep things moving.   There is great value in the deadline.   It is called accountability.     Everything I have read on the subject of productivity,  and overcoming creative blocks includes some way to introduce accountability.     Writing  due dates in PEN on the calendar,    promising to have it done for an event,    even simply needing to get it done in time to share with a friend — even better if the friend is one who can lovingly let you know if you didn’t get it done.     This is the value of classes, clubs, guilds,  and all exhibition opportunities, from the fair to Houston.   One of the most common things I hear from long term hobby quilters is that they have too many unfinished projects.    One small way to get the nudge needed to finish it all the way is to plan on displaying it.   Gives you a deadline,  gives you a chance to share something that you enjoy, and  it is almost always a social occasion.    And when you do finish you get that satisfaction,  you get the accolades of the viewers,  your self image goes up,  and you might just have room to start something new and exciting.     It’s a win win win.

So I am encouraging you now to do a spring cleaning of sorts and  see what you would like to finish.    If you need help we are still running Work in Progress Wednesdays.   You can simply bring your project and work on it here.   I will be on hand to be the friendly nudge you need to keep your project moving all the way to the finish.    On most Wednesdays the tables are here for you from 10-5.     I try to get a heads up if someone needs to baste something large on Wednesdays, so if that is you please let us know you are coming.    This coming Wednesday we will not be available until 1 pm.    I have an appointment anIMG_0626d we wont be open until that time.    I bet you could use the morning to find at least one project you want to get done, and then we can spend the afternoon getting it done.

Just so you don’t feel bad about those works in progress, here is a photo of one that will be taking quite a long time for me to get done.  –  you see it has no deadline,  so everything that does have a deadline gets done first.  See how that works?

Happy Stitching!!!


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  1. Susan forrest says:

    great article certainly pertains to me. gave me a heads up. I think I’ll be searching around this weekend though I won’t have to search far to find a couple projects that need to be finished including the one or two that I’m working on now. I hope to see you soon when the weather clears up I’d like to stop by on a Wednesday and get myself motivated again. take care

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