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IMG_7087What a week.   With fat Tuesday,  Valentine’s Day,  Crazy Quilt Club tomorrow,  and today being Chinese New Year,  I am glad that this mornings fog laid a quiet and peaceful blanket on my yard.   I tried to take a photo of the fog but it just didn’t come across well, so use your imagination.       Jake however was a willing model as he posed with a good luck knot for the Year of the Dog, which begins today.    He is hoping for a few extra treats and extra special pampering.       He already has it pretty good so we will see.

Just so you know that I’m still quilting,  during the recent Growth Rings workshop I used some of the pieces from the demo to make a new sample,  This time using scraps of old-fashioned fabrics and reproductions, with a pink fabriIMG_7088c (from the clearance section and yes there is still some for you ) where the light should be.     It has a totally different look.    It is not quite finished yet because I ran out of bobbin thread and didn’t get back to it yet.    Running out of bobbin thread before you are done is one of those annoyances that frustrates everyone.    I have used up all the leftover bobbins that even vaguely match,  it irks me to have to wind a new one to finish the last two rounds.    Oh well.    It will have to wait because I have some other things to get done on a tighter schedule. IMG_7078

Lastly,  I am sharing with permission this quick shot of Harriet R.’s version of the Block of the Month.   She has been making the sashing and cornerstones setting pieces as we go, from the scraps.  Don’t you think it is coming along wonderfully?

As I am writing, fog has turned to drizzle,  and it’s a perfect day to sew.   Now is a great time to get started on a new project and have it going before it is time to garden.   If you need ideas check out the other pages of our website and join us for something fun!!




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