I came across this quote, “Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration.  Begin and inspiration will find you.”  – H. Jackson Brown Jr.      I agree.    But beginning is often hard.    One of the reasons I like log cabin blocks in all varieties is thIMG_7077at it is simple enough to begin with a single block and love it.     This one began with a four-inch cut square of red,  and some very typical turn of the last century chrome green and yellow prints.     It is hand stitched, and some of the strips even appear to be torn on grain.   The logs were about an inch and a half.     There are three rounds in each block.      She started with one.   I can tell she did one at a time because of the multiple threads she used to do the


piecing.   When she ran out of one spool, after a few blocks,  she started another.   If she had done them by doing all the round ones, then all the round twos like we so often do the change in threads would present a different pattern on the back.     I can see this because it is just a top for the moment.    ( I will be tying it for the customer this afternoon )    She made 64.   Set them in a 6 x 8 grid in a barn raising set,  with green in the middle.   Don’t you love the way the red centers create a strong rhythm and almost seem to float over the green and yellow?    But she made a pair of interesting choices,  did you notice the corners break with the usual arrangement for a barn raising?     It would lay on a bed very nicely,  adding a bit IMG_7074of interest at the corners of the bed.     Her other choice was to use her leftovers to add a diagonal striped border to only 2 sides.    We can tell they were her leftovers because about half of the green and yellow strips are pieced to make them long enough to work.

So just getting going on a single block can provide the jumpstart needed to make something great.    Log cabin blocks are just the thing when you need to get started.     Unlike this quiltmaker,  you probably can even do the whole thing out of that scrap bag, and clean out a bit as you go.

Wednesday at 1:30 is the workshop for Growth Rings,   one of our Showcase projects this semester.    If you need a quilt top done quickly,  getting started with this big single block will definitely get you going.    Ours is shown in just two colors,  but you could use multiple colors for a completely different look ( How about a jelly roll?  )     There is still space in the class so if you want to join us contact me asap.

Tomorrow the Block of the Month will meet at 9 am.     The forecast is not calling for any more snow so we should be OK.    We will be working on blocks 19 and 20.    Are you up to date?   Now is a good time to take stock of the blocks you have and lay them out together for some inspiration.    Feel free to do this at the shoppe,  and even more fun if you bring them to class so we can all enjoy.

Now what are you going to get started today??


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  1. Kathleen Basso says:

    Hi Diana

    I won’t be able to make the meeting tomorrow but will be there in March and pick up my February packet then.

    I am all caught up with my blocks!



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