I have lots of things that interest me,  and I read and watch posts on forums on many diverse subject.     Recently all of them have addressed the idea of working within full_7876_53509_LogCabinQuilts_1limitations.     It sounds like a problem to say I am working within limitations,  and it might be, if they are imposed upon you,  like some form of disability.     But in the creative world,  artists and creators impose limits on themselves all the time.    They have learned a deep secret.   Limits can increase your creativity.       I have thought about this a great deal and have come to the conclusion that this is true because it forces you to explore every possibility within the given parameters.    Doesn’t that word parameters sound more exciting than limits?      If you just did one log cabin block,  said OK now I know how to do it and moved on to something else you would miss out on the hundreds of ways this one block can be varied and colored and set.    All

rob peter to pay paul in log cabin
Playing with Positive and negative space

the images in this blog post came from Pinterest,  and if you have some time,  there are so many more to see.  Just do a search.








Learning to see a simple block in a new way and then acting on it leads to some exciting results.

emily-log-cabin-petals layout





Are you beginning to pick out how the blocks go together to make a larger design?

modern log cabin




How about this modern version?   Can you see how the light half of the block is carefully planned using grey and white for a zig zag stripe?    Did you notice that half of them have grey in the outside layer, and half have white?

modern log cabin randomscrappy




And how very different the block is when the scrappy look is totally random?



This freedom within limits is part of why we have a theme each semester for our showcase.    If you want to explore Log cabins with us sign up or schedule a workshop.    You might just find that self-imposed limits are really the key to limitless creativity.     If you do Facebook,   be sure to like our page because I will be posting more examples of log cabins all semester.

You may also want to check out some fabrics now on clearance,  and note that there is a schedule change for March Crazy Quilt, information on the club news page.



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