It seems that every place I look this week someone is talkingpineapple a about new years resolutions.      What they should be,  how to keep them,  why not to make them and what to do instead.      The most popular ones seem to be health and exercise related,  but shouldn’t we be improving ourselves in that department year round?     Quilters often state that they are going to finish all their UFO’s,  or organize and declutter the sewing studio and stash.     That is all fine if that is what you can truly do.   The problem with most resolutions is that we rarely keep them.     I used to try to finish my UFO’s,  I made lists,  re purposed half-finished projects,  made justifications and well,  I finally gave up.     I also stopped calling them unfinished,   they are now works in progress.     It’s a much more hopeful term,  and it has allowed me to be much more at ease at the size of the pile of them.    The scrap pineapple block is part of my Works in Progress collection,  and I am savoring the process.    I enjoy making these blocks by hand and have a half-dozen done.     Because this block is one of our showcase workshops this semester they are all on the design wall at the Shoppe.     I love that they are made from scraps of other projects and use fabrics from the shoppe and my personal collection that I love.   And yes,  it is beginning to eat into the scrap collection.   ( I am being disciplined about using only scraps – because that is the key )        I do have a few other hand projects that I am happy to have as works in progress for however long it takes,   I enjoy the process and I will still enjoy it next year too.       IMG_7060

Another work in progress here at the Shoppe is the Block of the Month.     It is our plan to meet tomorrow morning as scheduled,   it is toasty warm in the shoppe,  and the lot has been cleared,  but if the cold or snow makes it hard for you to come in,   the kits are ready for you,  come in when you can.   The photo shows blocks 16, 17 and 18 our blocks for this month, all from squares and half square triangle units.          Stay warm, be safe, keep quilting and we will see you soon.


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  1. Janet J says:

    I like the look of the browns and creams, looks like wood parquet.

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