New Semester Now Underway

On a super cold day like this I can’t think of anything better than putting up a nice pot of soup to simmer on the stove and settling in under a nice quilt to get inspired for a new project.      I hope that is what today’s post will do for you,   for our new semester showcase is now revealed.    The page is published,  the signs are on the samples in the shoppe,   my vintage examples are on display,   and my imagination is running wild on the possibilities.     Our showcase for this semester is Log Cabin.    It is one of the most versatile blocks around.    I have heard it said that you could do nothing but log cabins for the rest of your quilting life and not make the same quilt twice.    So how did we

log cabin cushion

log cabin 4 block cushion or table mat

decide on the best couple of workshops??      Well, it wasn’t easy,  but we settled on a classic log cabin version in a four block project,  a pineapple you can do by hand or machine,  and a very contemporary and a bit unusual baby quilt that is a single block in an uncommon color arrangement.    There is hardly a book on piecing that does not contain some form of log cabin,  and if you find one you absolutely must make we can always make an appointment with you to get you going.

pineapple a

Pineapple in scrappy colors- this one hand pieced

The four block traditional and the pineapple both use the same size strips,  ( 1 1/2 inch wide )   and are traditionally scrappy.    As a time saver we have a large selection of pre cut strips from our collections that we will share with you during these two workshops –  enough for four traditional, or one pineapple,  so you can learn how without having to cut into your stash.     Of course if you want to use your own fabrics and coordinate in a particular way  or clean out some of your own stash,  we wont stop you.      I think that once you have made one of these projects you will want to keep playing with these amazing blocks.

growth rings

Growth Rings,  a log cabin baby quilt.  

The third project is a baby quilt.   This one is great to work on your cutting skills,  and will help you to perfect and stabilize your seam allowance.    These long strips are pre cut to length,  giving you instant feedback if your allowances are off.    It is amazing how quickly that skill improves when you have this kind of checks and balances.     It sews up quickly,  and it is a perfect project top for our Machine quilting workshop if you are inspired to quilt it with a little extra flair.

Dates and materials lists are on the Spring Showcase page,  and as always if these don’t work for you we can schedule by appointment.     The actual samples are in the shoppe,  along with some wonderful vintage examples.    Sign up for your favorite version today,  and watch our Facebook page for more examples as we post them throughout the semester.

We will be closed on Tuesday January 2,  but I’d love to see you on our first Work in Progress Wednesday,  on the 3rd.      Our Block of the Month will meet on the 6th.

So now you have some inspiration to keep you warm.


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