Like a kid on Christmas Morning

That’s how I feel about our new semester that is soon starting.    The showcase is Log Cabins,  and they are such fun to make.     Easy enough for beginners, but with design possibilities that will excite more advanced and even art quilters,


Can you spot the Log cabin Blocks in this shot of an art quilt in progress???

this may be about as close to a perfect block that you can make.      It originated in the 1860’s and was originally called Lincoln’s Log Cabin, so it is right at home being made from reproduction fabrics.    The center block was traditionally done in Red,  or Yellow,  or Black,  symbolizing the hearth at the center of the home.

Log Cabin is almost more of a construction technique than a single block pattern because there is so much you can do to make your project personal.    You really could make quilts for the rest of your life,  make only log cabin and variations,  and still not make the same quilt twice.       I am so excited to unveil the new workshops that I am having trouble doing some of the other things I know I should be doing,   like wrapping Christmas gifts.     I keep wanting to make more blocks.      Every quilter should make at least one Log cabin quilt.  —  but like potato chips,  or Holiday cookies,  it is hard to stop at just one.      If you have some time and want to get inspired go to    and search Log Cabin.     Its a great way to spend some time if we get snowed in at a relative’s home this weekend!!!   ( I hope that doesn’t happen )

The other thing that I love is that this class of blocks will eat through your stash of scraps and small cuts of fabric.   You can coordinate your colors and create some wonderful effects, but you know how I feel about scraps.    I have been enjoying cutting strip after strip of leftover fabrics to Linguini size,   1   1/2 inch wide.    Each fabric bit has a story,  and I am going to share my linguini with you.     Two of our workshops use this size strip and I will be making my collection of them available to you to use during these classes.      You will see in the materials lists for the new workshops that use them that fabric is optional.    How fun is that?


Found this detail of a mini on Pinterest.   

I will be travelling for Christmas,  and so the shoppe will be closed next Tuesday and Wednesday.       The weather looks questionable so I am planning for travel delays,  and a bit of recover time.         May you all have a warm and wonderful Holiday.


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