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If you have seen our Facebook page,  you know that I am bIMG_0920usy the last day or so making holiday gifts.      Here is one I made for a dog lover on my list.   The fabrics are from the Faithful Friends line by Blank,   and I made 6 others that I can’t show yet.    The pattern is perfect for production line sewing, which is a very good thing at this point in time.    It is our Five Fab Fats,   and it is one of our skill builders.   This means you can schedule it by appointment any time, and yes I do still have slots so you can do it before the holiday.    This is the basic model, but you can dress it up with all manner of interior pockets,   button loop closure at the top,  and the bottom can be boxed.     Call or stop by to schedule.    ( If you didn’t guess from the title,  it uses five fat quarters of fabric,   two for outside, two for inside,  and one for handles. )    s I was working I noticed a super cute detimg_0919-1.jpgail in this fabric line,   check out the selvedges!!  How fun are these???

It actually  brings me to a subject that I’d like to address with you all, as we scramble to finish all the things we are supposed to do this time of year.  And that is the value of  a well designed fabric.

Projects that are good for production line sewing are often simple to sew, with large pieces.   In the finished project,  the actual sewing is generally only noticed if there is an issue with it or you have purposely made it prominent by doing some decorative stitches.  This means that fabric choice is the major factor that the recipient will react to.   Themed fabrics,  like dogs,  or say music,  or whatever they are into make a big impression.      No matter how young or old,  some of my favorite gift items to make work well with the theme fabrics.   Totes,  bed size pillowcases, throw pillows, and even smaller project bags all benefit from the right fabric choice for the right person.     Making gifts of this type even makes holiday shopping fun, because you can do it at your favorite fabric shoppe!!    And if your gift list includes someone who might like to make their own, a gift certificate for a skillbuilder workshop for you to take together is the perfect thing.     You could give them a gift they can make themselves!!   Hee Hee.    Sorry, the real gift is spending time with you and learning a new skill so they can make you a gift next year.

Tonight is the winter concert at the High School.  This may be one of the last in the gym,  the auditorium vote passed.    Thank you.      At any rate it is the last winter concert for my daughter,  she is a senior.      I think I had better remember the kleenex.

One last bit,  since there is a bit of snow in the forecast,  I should remind you of our policy.   If the Red Hook Central Schools are closed or delayed we will postpone.    Clubs will meet the following week,  and classes and workshops will be rescheduled.     I hope we don’t need this info,  but Tuesday is handstitchers and stump-work clubs so I figure that if I tell you we wont need it.     Have a happy day!!!


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