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It feels like much longer than 2 weeks since I wrote here.    This time of year can seem to fly by.      I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.    I was with family and we not only ate turkey together, we celebrated my Nan’s 102 birthday.    Her actual birthday was yesterday and when I called her we had a lovely conversation that got me thinking.    I have heard her be asked many times what the secret to living such a long life is and she hates being asked that.   Her direct answer is usually something snarky.     However yesterday she expressed gratitude for the good things she has.     It started with “Nothing Hurts”.   Ok that is always good,  but she went on to say that she has lots of people in her life caring for her,  friends neighbors and family that check in and visit.   She also mentioned her dog a few times,  and said that he helps her get up and moving and smile when little else will.   But mostly she talked about waking up in the morning with a sense of something important and enjoyable to do each day.        It made me think.        Simple,  truthful, and probably great advice.

So in my message to you today I am going to do something I don’t usually,   I am going to make a plea for the Red Hook locals to go out and Vote Yes on Tuesday for the High School auditorium.     Red Hook is the only High School in t23843391_1291838380961846_4715674463636665715_nhe valley without an auditorium.     The theater, music and performing arts have been using the gym,  and it is unfair to the athletes as well as the performers.       There is no good place for assemblies,  guest lectures, and meetings.      This is a basic educational space that has been absent in Red Hook for too long.     There are state monies being offered to help,  and in the end it is projected to raise the value of homes in the area.     Please get out to Mill Road between 12 and 9 pm on Tuesday and Vote Yes.


Ok so now to some quilt business,    Tomorrow is the Block of the Month,   blocks 14 & 15,  Rosebud and Apple Tree.      It is also coming down to the end of the semester,  and I’d like to remind you that you can still schedule to take the Crazy Rails,  or Honeycomb Quilt workshops.    Call or stop by and we can set it up.     See the Showcase tab for all the details.      You still have time to finish all your holiday projects, we have the materials you need,  or join us for Work in Progress Wednesday if you need a hand.


Honeycomb String Quilt from the 1930’s


Crazy Rails,  possibly as old as 1890’s  


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