The idea of being connected has loomed large in my life these past couple of weeks.    In many ways.  The world and it’s inhabitants seem so disconnected that I am looking for more ways for people to connect.    Computer issues had me thinking about internet connectivity.    A surprise visit from my parents who live several hours away had me thinking about family connectivity.      And of course quilting is full of connections.    Most of the old quilts that I get to work on are made by a family member from a past generation,  preserving these textiles forges connections between past and present and future.    The new quilts that are generated by my students and customers forge connections in a different way.   In many different ways.    Gifts of quilts have connected people for centuries.     One of the most touching connections forged by quilts is the one between the maker of a charity quilt and the recipient.     Often these two people do not know each other,  often they never will.   There is however a bond there between someone who needs help and someone who provides it at the most desperate of times.

As the news coverage of the recent hurricanes and fires dies down please remember that there are thousands of people who are still in great need.     We must remember that we as human beings are all connected.     If you choose to make pillow cases or quilts to help out in current areas of disaster,  please consider doing some of your cutting and sewing during our work in progress Wednesdays.      I often have patterns and sometimes even fabrics that have been donated for these kinds of projects.      Using these donated goods adds yet another level at which connections can be made.     I’m all

for making more connections between people.

Have a happy and safe Halloween,  we will be here,  and Jake can’t wait to see all the costumes!!!!!


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